What to do if the beds come to visit on holidays?

No need for a blockbuster horror show to scare the Hollywood holiday crowd; Bed bugs are already in panic America! Nationwide hysteria over the common bed bug Simex leculiarius, has created a strange atmosphere that influences the festive mood, usually on the upcoming holidays. Fearing that holiday guests may bring their insects into their home they usually create extra pressure to gather in the family, forcing the hospitality of many usually spiritual hosts. These short-sized, blood-sucking parasites have forced many people to cancel holiday trips and go on long-awaited trips with relatives for fear of escaping from an infected hotel room and taking them home.

In the October 16, 2010 issue of Time Magazine, humor columnist Joel Stein made fun of the country by muttering bed bugs. With the bed bug field empty, expecting holiday guests to stay at several hotels during the Cross Country Track from New York City, Stein said his wife, Cassandra, was “trying to find a way to drive my dad and his wife … despite the boiling water before we got home.” Has been dropped with. “

Laughing at our fears may prevent us from being overwhelmed by hysteria, but the difficult thesis attack to eradicate pests is no laughing matter. Slightly smaller than an apple seed, adults are brownish-red, wingless, flat-bodied insects that crawl into your bed to feed your blood while you sleep at night. Although they are not known to be infected, their bites can cause serious allergies and skin infections. Additionally, these tiny insects stimulate an emotional horror that can make victims feel nervous, anxious, and faint for months at a time.

“They’re terrifying. They’re attacking your sanctuary, your bed, and all of a sudden you can’t sleep because they’re coming out of your walls, out of your box fountain, and are going to feed you at night,” astrologer Jeffrey told the Internet series Bed Bugs TV star White, Oct. 4. Published in 2010. “I’ve seen people become emotionally isolated because of emotions.”

Insects of equal opportunity, they are completely attracted by human blood, not denial or poor housing. You are likely to encounter them in an expensive luxury hotel as a cheap interstate motel. New York’s famous Waldorf-Astoria, the hotel of the world’s richest elite, has sued three times in recent months, claiming guests have been bedridden. Avoiding these pests is becoming almost impossible. Growing problems in hotels, apartment buildings and college dormitories over the past few years, pest eradication problems include office buildings, retail stores, movie theaters, schools, hospitals, subways, trains, aviation departments and single-family homes. To deal with them, you just have to sit in a cab or stay in a hotel room recently vacated by an infected person.

The damage that they do – or their guests – riding on their clothes, luggage or their belongings at home only leads to the top of the bed bug garden. Skilled hiccups, they hide clothes, suitcases, purses, briefcases and backpacks in seams, folds and corners. Enough stigma attached to a nuisance can make it difficult to promote content with holiday guests. Miss etiquette Judith Martin warns against embarrassing guests; However, a few pre-and-pre-warning precautions can reduce the potential risk without guests objecting.

Some unlicensed pest control agencies now provide monitoring services. Offensive monitoring devices are placed where these insects are likely to travel and are then inspected. Arranging services just before and just after the holidays can discover the beds in your home before and after the spread.

The following additional steps can help reduce the risk of insects when visiting holiday guests:

Install entomologist-approved, bite-proof assessments on mattress and box springs.

Bed position of the bed away from the walls.

Take bed sheets and blankets so they don’t touch the floor.

Use light colored bedding for easy evidence detection.

Place the low-tech monitoring device under the foot of the bed and furniture.

Guests Provide luggage racks or card tables for guest suitcases.

Guests Remove suitcases from the bedroom if guests pack their bags.

Provide an over-door door hanger rack for guest use.

These Remove the clutter that these insects can hide.

After the guests have left, carefully vacuum your home (remove the plastic double-wrapped vacuum bag and instantly remove the outside debris) and follow these laundry procedures when washing guest linen:

Bed Keep linen in a plastic bag to make room in the laundry room to avoid spreading bed bugs or their eggs through your home.

Items Place items directly in the washing machine and discard plastic bags in outdoor trash.

Wash linen in the most possible heated water and dry in the warmest dryer setting; 120 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes.

For the next few weeks, check out the symptoms on Teltal:

Mat bugs on the edge of the carpet and under the sofa cushions as well as live bugs or exoskeleton.

Bed Bed sheets, mattresses, underside of box fountains, rust colored blood smears or black anus behind the headboard, next to the baseboard and around the heat vent

Mosquito bites especially after sleeping.

If, despite your best precautions, your home is infected, it is important to call a licensed pest control agency immediately. Early detection and quick action are key to successful bed bug eradication. Bed bugs multiply quickly. The single female lays 500 eggs in her six to 12 months of life. The larvae hatch in four to 12 days, becoming reproductive adults in just one month. A single, pregnant bug can quickly multiply the number of large infections in the thousands. However, since bed bugs are within eight feet of their food source, pest control treatments are scheduled early, so when the beds are in the bedroom, it can prevent them from spreading to other parts of your home.

These insects are becoming a fact of life in the United States although you should not force them to hide, especially during the holiday season it is wise to be active and take precautions. Bed bug monitoring, preventive treatment and regular inspections by licensed pest control professionals can provide peace of mind to homeowners, ensuring they don’t bite so you can get a good night’s sleep.