Holidays and travel guides for the Costa Brava, Spain

The beach

As the coastal region of Catalonia in northern Spain, the beaches that you can take advantage of are the Costa Brava. Needless to say, you will be spoiled for choice when you see beaches in this area, but many are made up of tourists. This isn’t a bad thing because there are so many bars and eateries to get involved in as well as pool and other day activities but that doesn’t mean it’s not for a quiet beach vacation, so be prepared for the crowds if you want to come to Costa Brava. All you can do is explore the coastline of the area and find some little beaches that are basically locals or use them smart enough to search. Particularly good beaches have blue flag status in 3 regions: Igua Blava, Tamariu and Llanfrank, which means they are as naturally beautiful as they are warm and enjoyable. Also explore the Plaza de Cassel near the Palazzos and it is not usually driven by tourist buildings, as the locals help to maintain its beauty and help maintain its beauty. The Costa Brava has plenty to go up and down the ocean, so walk through all the beaches and engage in some fun activities while you go.


Consider a trip to the Dali Museum with sculptures and works of art that will delight everyone in their unique style, located in a beautiful town called Figres where Dali came from. While you were there, you visited the Toy Museum to see more than 4,000 toys from around the world, including several other players from Dali (any local celebrities you can see), and how they see you now as the toys evolve. If you don’t have so much cultural excursion these days, you’ll want something a little more exciting than visiting a museum while on the Costa Brava. If you are a fan of water, visit Platza D’Aro and Aqua Divers. The park has bars and restaurants as well as water-themed attractions like River Rapids and Splash Mountain, which will keep you up all day. If you like dry land, Port Aventura Park in Salaut is a great theme park that is interesting for the whole family. Many famous characters as well as live performers wander around the park to have fun when you’re not too busy on the famous ride, so keep an eye out!


Barcelona is not too far from the Costa Brava, so if you want a real shopping experience with a shopping center and complete items, visit there. The Costa Brava has plenty of local markets and fairs though for local products and souvenirs, which will be enough to supply for most and allow you to buy a few souvenirs.


Typical Spanish seafood is found on the menus of traditional theatrical restaurants, such as the suite, a stew dish. Foods from all over the world are consumed by restaurants here, including a few novelty dishes, Michelin Star Style. Ask locals for recommendations, but you’ll be sure to find Spanish dishes anywhere, as well as some general English fare for those who are less adventurous (or have excited kids).


Lorette is the main party town on the Costa Brava with 25 clubs. However there are many nightclubs, pubs and bars above and below the length of the area. The Blaines are a great place to spend the night with families playing Spanish music and with a relaxed atmosphere. There is also a fair here at the end of July, which brings people to the streets. The area offers a variety of evening entertainment, from jazz bars to traditional thematic Spanish music to clubbing, so make sure you come around and try and take as much as you can.

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