My Peru Holiday Trip Report

There are times when the world seems to fall off your feet. When you discover something unexpected. Another world exists when you realize. Or, more literally, when you climb high mountains and suddenly stop when the building sinks miles and miles into the darkness below. If you want to try the Peruvian vacation you can make the most of it.

Peru is a high place. Spread across the Andes and the coast of the crashing and the Parched Desert, its finality ends in its beauty. Cosco Airport is the highest international airport in the world. And if it doesn’t leave you breathless, the mountains will soon be gone.

We traveled to Peru on our family adventure vacation. Of course, we wanted to trek the Inca Trail from Machu Picchu – a must have for everyone’s travel hit list. But we also wanted to see the other side of the Peruvian holiday, where we found our suitable structure, or its well-known, the Kolkata Canyon. Moved far to the south of Peru but a little away from the regular tourist route, the Calcutta Canyon is very hard to miss. Arrested at a depth of 60,160 meters, the natural wonder claims the Grand Canyon to be twice as deep and incredibly the deepest valley in the world – although the Grand Canyon has authentic aspects. In addition to the majesty of the size, one of the great attractions of Kolkata Canyon is the wonderful combination that draws naturalists and bird watchers together through the sky in this region.

Our next stop was Aberaquipa, a small town in the shadow of El Aristir (582 m). A beautiful stone city built by the Spaniards, the main highlight being the narrow curved streets and the heart of the colonial home in the heart of the colonial city “city within a city”. This would not have happened just 40 years ago.

Finally we set off on Lake Titicaca, a moment of anticipation by the kids, who learned everything about the history of the lake in school, now from the importance of the Incas to the world-inhabiting Euros Indians there floating on the island of Reeds.

For a long time in Peru, family adventure vacations don’t get much better.