Holidays in Tuscany – Florence

More than any other place to visit Florence. It is a flame that revives your inner artist or poet. Perhaps all of us have a passion for beauty and talent – for deep connection with people – to celebrate the grace of bright food with great wine. It is in Florence, the “Renaissance Cradle” where these interior gifts have become a beautiful way of life and beauty is fully absorbed for your holiday in Florence will claim its place in your mind and memory when you return home and you will be the best for it forever.
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Be prepared to be curious when you go to Florence, find your place of residence and head to the river for the first view of Ponte Vecchio. Living on the left bank of the Arno River, plan to spend at least five days here (if possible more), known as the “Ultrarno” (Alter-Arno- “the other side of the Arno”), in a very short distance. Ponte Vecchio.
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Here you will become the “neighbors” of 21st century Medici, around the corner in their fascinating way. Pitti Palace And Baboli garden. You’ll be very close to restaurants and bistros as well as nearby grocery stores that offer plenty of tender produce, enjoyable deli items and freshly baked bread, along with great and very affordable local wines.
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From the river on the “other” side, you’ll take a short walk to two convenient bridges, one of which is Ponte Vecchio, It will quickly take you to the bustle of the river where Duomo’s dome dominates the sky. Walk along “your” side of the river, or have lunch at a window table Golden view, In front of you will be the whole spectacle of Ponte Vecchio, the Ufizi Gallery across the river side border and the Dumo Dome behind it.

Start your Florence visit with Bridge and Piazza

There is no better way to explore a city than to explore its main bridges (if it is a river), as well as its main squares or piers. Florence has the most photogenic bridges among them Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”). Perhaps this is what inspired you to visit Firenze (Florence) in the first place, which saw many amazing images. Ponte Vecchio.
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The Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge across the Arno until 1218, and while in Florence it will be your initial route across the river. It will be a delightful way to come and go, with its views and interesting shops.
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Ponte Vecchio has had shops since the 13th century. Initially these were all kinds of shops including butcher and fishmonger shops which created an offensive stench in the area. Thus, in 1593, Ferdinand I. Ordered that only goldsmiths and jewelers be allowed to search their shops on the bridge. The verdict was “in favor of walking on the bridge and increasing the welfare of all.”
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You need to master the bridges as well Piazzas. Florence is a city of narrow, serpentine streets, adorned by the building’s long canyon. So, whenever you go to a pizza you will feel like you are scattered in the vastness of the wide-open space. These vast city squares have been used for hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of years to gather space for the public. It was in Pias that the important news was announced and the preachers delivered their message. And it was in the pies that the public was hanged.

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  • Piazza della Siguria Be your place to learn the floral pies, Palazzo is located directly outside Vaccio, the palliative home of the obscene wealthy Medici family. The square is filled with sculptures and fountains, including a copy of Michelangelo’s David (the original David is now preserved and displayed here) Galleria del’Academia). Dominican priest Savonarola set fire to his book and art Piazza della Siguria. And it was here that he himself was burned after his reign of terror ended.
  • Piazza della Republic Next comes the royal archway, with a forced triumphant arch as the entrance and a merry-go-round. This class was a forum in Roman times.
    Now it is a favorite place for outdoor dining in one of its Chanel restaurants, with plenty of opportunities for people to visit.
  • Piazza Santa Cross There was once a public meeting place where Franciscan monks preached to the crowd. The square is now home to local artists, showing and selling their creations and many interesting local shops. Meetings and monks have now been replaced by street entertainers.
  • Michelangelo in Piazzale, The bronze replica of the David sculpture in Milenzello is perched high on a hill in Ultrano, showing the most bizarre views of the city. When you sit on the top of this hill at the top of the Ultrarno neighborhood, the iconic red roof of the Duomo on the river bank will be at eye level. Come back here at the end of the day to see one of Florence’s most spectacular sunsets.

Check out some of the “must see” sights
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Take enough time to visit the “must see” sights of Florence. Start with these five:

Duomo and Baptistery: It did not have a dome until two centuries after the thirteenth-century Duomo was built, when this kind of architectural marvelous construction became possible. Take in the celestial spaciousness of its interior space and walk inside marveling at the carpet of mosaics covering the tile floor. This structure was designed to amaze and amaze. Sit at an outdoor table for lunch in full view of the complex, white and pink marble mosaic outside. You will need at least a full hour to take it.
Make time to study the three doors of enthusiastic octagonal baptismal gold-shaking bronze. The first door facing south was designed by Pisano and it took 6 years to complete. It took 21 years of work for the north doors of Gibarti, then another 27 years to complete the east doors, a total of 54 years of work by the masters to build the doors that are now in front of you. For the East Doors, Gibarty has employed the principle of the recently discovered approach to deepening his writings. Michelangelo declared these gates as “gates of heaven.”
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Palazzo Vecchio, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens: Imagine the life of a rich and powerful Medici family when you see their place of business in the city center, Palazzo Vekio, And their attractive abode on the other side of the river, Pitti PalaceSurround yourself Baboli garden.
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Cosimo de ‘Medici commissioned these two locations, work and home, to connect together via a private passageway. Vasari corridor, Above the city streets and at the top of Ponte Vecchio. This passageway extends for a full kilometer from the government seat Palazzo Vekio Medici at home Pitti Palace, Depart to the famous side Groto of Buntellenti This private corridor at Boboli Garden allows families and their guests to move freely and safely back and forth, observing the people below as they keep an eye on themselves. Medici and the guest followed the back path while preferring not to drive a small car for two.

Medici Chapels: Add an extra Medici memo to your “must see” list Medici Chapels. Look at the beautiful octagon Chapel of princesses, Another eye-catching proof of the greatness of Medici. The crypt at the bottom of this chapel became the tomb of this notable family. Michelangelo worked on sculptures of Sarocfagi, completing statues of brothers and co-rulers Duke Giuliano and Duke Lorenzo. The master sculptor also created its descriptive metaphorical sculpture Morning and evening, Night and day, As well Madonna and children.
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David of Michelangelo at the Galleria del’Academia: Your visit to the gallery will shed light on the glorious sculpture of David. Stand beneath this huge marble masterwork, primitive and restless under a circular skylight. It will take your breath away. Take some time to get it, but also look for other bizarre works by Michelangelo, including Hall of Prisoners Which leads to the statue of David. The pieces on display here are the ones Michelangelo never completed. His unfinished work creates the effect that all these images are stuck forever inside each of his own marble blocks.
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Ufizi Gallery: Enter Ufizi (arrange in advance for a set time!), Then move the grand staircase to the gallery, including a maze of rooms filled with its frescoed ceiling and master works. Follow the U-shape of the building by walking around the side rooms to see the exhibits. Cosimo D’Medici instructed Vasari to build this magnificent building next to the Palazzo Vecchio to sit in government offices. A secret entrance to the Vasari corridor is located behind an unmarked door on the first floor.

This building, once the lotus of the Florentine government, is now in the heart of a huge industry. Look for Boticelli’s big works first (Halls 10-14) – Spring’s decoration And Birth of Venus. Look for portraits of Michelangelo and Raphael (holes 35 and 66) and the only and only panel image of Leonardo da Vinci. From the far end of the corridor, take a break to explore the windows at the top of the Piazza Michelangelo, at the top of the hill across San Mino to Arno. Take a closer look at Ponte Vecchio to see the windows running at the top of the windows of the Vasari corridor.

Look at the markets to interact and look for treasures to take home

The artisans of Florence have a huge heritage history. When shopping, you’ll find a wide range of products, including leather jackets, bags, shoes, belts and gloves, marble mosaics, intricate jewelry and cutting-edge fashion.

Go to the outside market Piazza Santo Spirito And Marcato Nuvo, A bronze sculpted covered loggia of pigs in front. Watch the fun of poking kids ’pig noses for luck. And if you decide to shop, feel free to hug a bit. To appreciate the handmade jewelry and pick up a unique pendant to stop at a few stores as well as ponte vecchio and take it home.

Your trip to Florence will be a life-changing, deeply enriching experience. “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things,” says Henry Miller. And Florence is a destination that instantly inspires such a new way of seeing and living.